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Sheila Fitzer
July 2010
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How To Make Buyers
Want Your Home

  You love your home but when it comes time to sell, you have to share the love. In the other words, you have to make your home be seen in the eyes of potential buyers as their home. That can be tricky.
      But if you do some of the basic things such as clearing clutter, creating light, bright, and open space, adding curb appeal, removing personal items (family photos, trinkets), fresh paint, and clean or new carpet -- you'll be on your way to attracting serious buyers.
      Let's look at specific areas that create widespread appeal inside the

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      Here are some of the top areas to improve: countertops, flooring, built-in furniture, and old-style attached fixtures such as those big sheet mirrors in the

Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

Debunking Credit Score Myths
     In March, ING Direct bank commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey of 1,042 parents of children age 17 years and younger.
      The survey discovered more than half, 56 percent, of those surveyed thought bouncing a check or paying a fee for having non-sufficient funds in their bank account would reduce their credit scores.
      Credit reports typically don't include information about checking and debit accounts, nor non-sufficient fund issues unless they somehow impact an attached credit account.
      Also one in five (21 percent) thought checking their credit scores would hurt credit scores. Nearly as many (18 percent) thought accessing their credit report, would hurt their credit scores.
      Wrong and wrong.
      Obtaining your credit report and credit score has no bearing on your credit standing.

Choosing The Best Home
     After weeks of searching for your next home, you now have it narrowed down to two great options. One offers a shorter commute, but the other offers more square footage for your growing family. How can you make the best choice?
      There are several strategies you can employ in your decision making process. Above all, be confident in your decision making abilities. "The fear of making serious decisions is a new kind of fear, called decidophobia," proclaimed by Walter Kaufmann at Princeton University in 1973. Worry and procrastination do nothing to aid the process, so buyers, be confident that you will make a sound choice.
      Pro/Con list: In this case, you are deciding between two houses as your prospective home. For each house, divide a sheet of paper into two columns: pro and con. Be realistic about what the positive and negative factors would be for each purchase. Considerations could include: price, location, schools, repairs, square footage, floorplans, street noise, neighborhood value, comparables, and gut intuition.
      Brainstorm scenarios: Chances are, whatever house you decided upon will be your residence for many years to

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Transform Your Home
With Home Staging

     We know that dressing for success is important when it comes to establishing an image. Well, when it comes to selling your home, it's important to dress it up too. Staging homes has become increasingly more popular because it works.
      I think of it like setting the stage for a theatrical production. The director wants everything on the set to have a specific place. Using a critical eye, the director makes sure that the set ambience (furniture, decorations, and even open space) is going to convey the exact feel she intends. That's what staging can do for your potential buyers - if done correctly.

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